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A new dedicated Chloramine Ceramic Water Filter candle, named "Chlorasyl" has been added to the 10" line of Doulton Water Filter Products.  The product code is CH1200.  Please refer to the data sheet for specifications. Most water utilities use Chlorine as a primary disinfectant because of its effectiveness in killing potentially harmful organisms. Increasingly, in recent years, Chloramine has been introduced as a secondary disinfectant to protect the water as it travels from the treatment plant to the point of use.
The BIS207 Stainless Steel Gravity Model is no longer available.  Please refer to the GSS400 series of SS Gravity Units
CS07HM 7" Ultra Sterasyl Heavy Metal and Lead Reduction Doulton Ceramic Gravity Water Filter Candles are now available.  They will fit all GSS series Gravity Water Filter Housings.
SSMINI gravity 1 ltr portable filters will be available soon!!
Our FAQ page has been expanded. (Feb 2024)
Sovereign Whole House ceramic water filter cartridges are no longer available (2011)
Product Catalogue has been restructured and many new photos added to the individual drinking water filter product data sheets
Silver Institute News articles have been added to the Silver, Research and Health links
New articles on Fluoride, Aluminum and Alzheimer's plus Hog Manure! See Health
Updated Test Results added. Test Results
Looking for a quality, economical, shower head filter- SHWR10 is here
The SHWR30 comes with a massage head

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