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Contact Us GifWe receive thousands of questions on drinking water filters in respect to recreational and emergency drinking water problems. This page has been set up to display several of our portable water filter products and to help you link to quality information.

WARNING: As a distributor of drinking water filter products that have been serving nations for two centuries, we must ask that purchasers of emergency and recreational portable water filters be cautious. There are no 'cheap' or 'just as good' water filters. Ensure the product you purchase is certified and tested for the contaminants you need to remove or reduce.

Doulton portable water filters are certified and used in over 150 countries, health departments and laboratories as the standard for guaranteed safe drinking water from uncontrolled sources.

Cryptosporidium water contamination (cysts, Beaver Fever)
has been on the front pages of newspapers all over North America this year.  Certified Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges provide 100% protection against this nasty little creature!  (Test Results)

Please take a moment and bookmark our Doulton Drinking Water Website. This site contains "Everything you Wanted to Know about Drinking Water But Were Afraid to Ask"and will provide you and your family many hours of quality educational material.

Shown below are several outstanding, affordable, Camping, Traveling, Boating or EMERGENCY WATER PURIFICATION systems. They may be stored un-used in homes, businesses, automobiles, etc. indefinitely or used daily as your primary purification system.

For a complete technical description, including contaminant removal efficiencies, take any of the links into our color photo catalogue.

Doulton GSS400 Stainless Steel Gravity Fed Water Filter GSS400 series - The GSS400 housing is manufactured from polished stainless steel. It can accommodate two (GSS402) or four (GSS404) ceramic CS0700 candles. The upper chamber is filled with water which then gravity feeds through the ceramics into the lower chamber. An easy to turn 90 degree on-off spigot is used as the outflow tap.

This unit is simple to assemble and requires no specialty tools (screwdriver only). The outflow spigot and upper chamber lid knob are the only items to be installed by the purchaser. Assembly time is approximately 5 minutes. Detailed instructions are provided.

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SSMINI - 1 Quart Stainless Steel Gravity Doulton Water Filtration System 

Unit supplied with one (1) 6.5 inch CS0650 Self Sterilizing Super Sterasyl Doulton Ceramic Water Filter Candle. This candle has the same specifications as the CS0700.

Simple instructions for storing water and protecting against viruses and bacteria

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