Chlorine Shower Filter for Chlorine Removal from WaterSHWR10 - A chlorine shower filter cartridge specifically designed to work with your existing shower head. This shower water filter provides high quality reduction of Chlorine absorption through the skin and Chlorine vapor inhalation.

National magazine articles have increasingly make the public aware of the risks of chlorine absorption through the skin and vapor inhalation during the everyday shower. This "Hydro-Flow" chlorine shower water filter answers those concerns with a new, compact shower filter which installs in-line with your existing shower head. The beautiful porcelain like finish complements any shower decor.

Hydro Flow chlorine shower water treatment systems are filled with KDF, a premium shower water filtration media proven to dramatically reduce chlorine in water.

Technical Details:

Standard 1/2in NPT threaded openings
100% KDF Media (copper zinc alloy)
Also Available with 2.5gpm massage shower head (SHWR30)
High gloss, porcelain-like finish
Attaches easily to shower pipe
Size: 2.63in (66.8mm) diameter by 5.25in (133.35mm) length
Nominal Micron Rating: 20 micron
Approx Gallon Life: 10,000 gallons (37,850 ltr) see note:
Min/Max Temperature: 40-120 F (4.4-48.8 C)
Max Flow Rate: 2.5gpm (9.46 lpm)
Min/Max Pressure: 20-125 psi
Note: Indicated capacities are based upon sound laboratory and field data. The manufacturer believes this data is reliable and is offered in good faith. Your personal results may vary.

For more information on health hazards such as chlorine and other drinking water contaminants please read through our "Health Topics" pages or review many of the information sites listed on our research page.

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