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Dealer / Distributor Registration:



a. This is not a franchised product line.

b. Sales development for Dealers is not limited to any one region or area. Dealers are encouraged to pursue line expansion and company agents will assist Dealers in pursuing agreements for line expansion whenever possible.

c. If foreign markets are approached it is the Dealer's responsibility to investigate; duties and tariffs, licensing and registration, and any other legalities that may restrict the use or sale of water treatment products. The company will assist whenever possible.


a. Dealers must be legal businesses in accordance with the local laws of their country.

b. Dealers who provide installation services should be bonded, licensed and carry liability insurance. The company cannot be held responsible for anything other than replacement of a defective component.

c. Independent Distributors who conduct in-home sales, participate in network marketing or multi-level marketing, must be licensed in accordance with the local consumer protection laws of their country.


a. All dealers are encouraged to learn about water. The company provides direct access to general information through our web site (https://www.doulton.ca) but true depth of knowledge can only be achieved by enrolling in a qualified training program. As an example, the Water Quality Association offers many different programs which are self study with written exams. Completion of these programs results in a certification being granted which is recognized throughout the industry.

b. Specific sales training of our products will be done directly between company staff and established dealers.


a. Generic company brochures will be available at no cost to dealers in a direct relationship to their sales/purchase volume.

b. Assistance with the development of custom promotional and advertising material may be requested by a dealer. Originals of all material will be provided to the dealer at no cost, but reproduction is the responsibility of the dealer. Company designed material/literature remains the copyrighted property of the company and may be utilized by the company to assist other dealers.

c. Product performance claims may be advertised providing they are exact duplications of test results that have been released by the company. Wording must ensure that assumptions of performance beyond the capabilities stated will not be made by a consumer.

d. The company will review articles that are written by dealers for local or national publications at no cost providing they are submitted by Email or by computer diskette in one of the following formats: TXT, Microsoft Word (any version), RTF.

e. Dealers are encouraged to forward local area news of water concerns, technical information, sales techniques etc. to the company. The "What's New" area of our web site will be used to promote new dealer provided information.


a. Shipping method will be at the the choice of the dealer whenever possible. Two main North American shipping locations are: Detroit, Michigan, USA and Wingham, Ontario, Canada.

b. Payment is due prior to shipping. Charge accounts will normally only be established after twelve (12) months of performance evaluation. Charge accounts are net 30 days.


Once an initial inventory is established there are no 'minimum' purchases required to maintain your status.


a. Installation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

b. Dealers/sales staff may not perform installation of any model which requires additions or modifications to the existing plumbing system in a home or business unless they are licensed in their local area to do so.

c. Consumers may install any of these components themselves. There are no laws which inhibit self installation and although our products are designed for ease of self installation the warranty and liability ramifications must be explained to the consumer. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to a home or business during or after installation.

d. Dealers are strongly encouraged to make local arrangements with a qualified plumber. This will ensure that the product is handled correctly and will train the local installer to recognize any defects prior to installation. Additionally, plumbers become excellent product promotion staff.


a. It is the responsibility of all Dealers to become familiar with their competition and where Doulton's products fit into the local market. Dealers should refrain from using negative comparison sales techniques and are cautioned to ensure they compare "apples to apples and oranges to oranges" when discussing features.

b. Competitors information may be used in direct comparison during consumer advertising but it must be 100% accurate. Do not misrepresent any competitor, you have no need to. Doulton's product performance is so strong that it does not require misrepresentation of any competitor to remain #1 in the world.

c. Competitor information may also be used for sales training, to answer specific comparison questions from a consumer, or to explain different treatment technologies.

d. Dealers are encouraged to forward copies of all competitor literature to the Company so that we may remain as informed as possible.


a. Warranty and conditions are as stated on the registration form for each product. Local country/state/province laws may place conditions on the sale or expressed warranty that may have a liability on the local Dealer. It is the Dealer's responsibility to have our "Expressed Warranty" reviewed for compliance with local laws.

b. Dealers are responsible to complete and forward all customer warranty forms to the Company at time of purchase.


Local testing of the product may be performed independently by any Dealer or purchaser and we encourage this type of testing. All performance test results performed by a Dealer must be disclosed to the Company and a copy provided. The copy must include the name of the agency or institution who carried out the testing and the name of a contact should the Company wish to follow up. No independent test results may be advertised until the results have been reviewed by the company. Once reviewed a written release will be provided.

Dealer / Distributor Registration

Send your company and contact information to H2O@doulton.ca or call 1-800-439-1671 Mon-Fri 9-4pm EST.

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